Rockman - Ranger Forest Orange/Yellow

Komplett med visir och kåpor

  • Artnr: 1704 0806 01

Beskrivning av artikel

Forest helmet, complete with integrated eye protection, mesh visor and ear muffs

The Rockman Forest Ranger helmet is a hi-viz full-head protection system with a mesh visor and integrated eye protection. The earmuffs come already installed and are adjustable, and the comfortable suspension system includes a smooth ratchet knob at the back that locks securely when you press it in.

The CrashBox integrated helmet technology works on the same principle of an airbag in your car, absorbing and redirecting the force of a blow so that your head doesn't take the energy instead.

  • CrashBox technology absorbs and deforms instead of your head.
  • Punched metal mesh visor allows 70% light transmission
  • NRR 24dB rated hearing protection
  • 12-point ratchet suspension
  • Magnetic chinstrap buckle
  • Manufactured in Germany


ANSI Z89.1-2014, Type 1, Class C,

EN 397:2012 + A1:2012(D)

Application filed for a KWF Profi certification in 2018.